Professional Advantages

Extensive Experience in Patent Practice

Wood & Wu has admitted many Patent Attorneys and Agents with professional experience in TIPO (Taiwan Intellectual Property Office) as Patent Examiners. Therefore, our team of patent practitioners has a deep understanding of IP practices and legal proceedings in Taiwan, and they are able to provide valuable insights on IP matters based on their extensive experience in TIPO. Our panel of Attorneys and Agents also has a fair amount of experience in dealing with international IP matters, and hence our clients can count on them for professional advice on such matters.

High Quality and Reliable Professional Services

In contrast to traditional firms, Wood & Wu provides services with patent attorneys and agents discussing personally with clients about inventions, and participating in patent specification drafting so as to assure the most appropriate IP services.

Open-Door Professional Team

Wood & Wu is professional-oriented, with open-door management.  Therefore, engineers involved in high-tech fields are pleased to work with the patent attorneys and agents of the firm.

High-Efficiency Database Management

This firm established an information-management department, and is equipped with a computerized database management system, such that status of applications can be always at hand, and the time-limit control for office-action responses and patent annuity payment is well monitored.  Further, Wood and Wu provides services on case-allowance-rate statistics and on prior art search for domestic and foreign patent cases.

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