Corporate Structure

Open Door Partnership Initiative

All outstanding talents with the virtues of ambition, experience, and caliber are welcomed to join the Open Door Partnership Initiative in Wood & Wu. Together, we can strive for excellence in service quality and form a strong team to stay ahead of the game.

Board of Partners is a collective decision-making workgroup that carves out the developmental roadmap for Wood & Wu.

Our Team

In Wood & Wu, we emphasize on the efficacy of patent monetization. In order to provide the best patent strategy to our clients, we build four major teams, namely Education and Research, Technical Analysis, Patent Prosecution, and Administrative Management, with patent monetization as their ultimate objectives. The dynamics and hierarchy of the four teams are established with the following principle in mind: a complete education and research provides a solid foundation for a professional technical analysis, which in turn paves way for an excellent patent prosecution, and a rigorous administrative management follows right after that.


Education and Research Team
The Education and Research Team is in charge of collating information from all over the world, such as the current issues in the IP industry, institutional changes, developments in industry, market trend, etc., into a digital library. The clients will then receive periodical updates accompanied with detailed, in-person presentations from our team, since the right to know of our clients is our priority.

Technical Analysis Team
In Wood & Wu, we assemble the personnel best suited for our clients to form the Technical Analysis Teams. The teams are tasked with studying the technical documents provided by our clients, so as to pinpoint the crucial elements therein. Delving into our clients’ technical documents, the teams’ mission is to find a strategical position for setting up an effective IP protection. We strongly believe a good pre-filing technical analysis is the cornerstone for successful IP protection.

Patent Prosecution Team
Tailored to the needs of each client, a well-thought scope of patent protection will be proposed based on the technical analysis, such that our clients’ innovations are presented in a thorough manner. Our Patent Prosecution Team works hard to draft patent specifications that are organized, detailed, and clear-cut, making sure correct terminologies and precise language are employed throughout the drafts. Wood & Wu seeks perfection in our patent drafts by employing multiple quality control measures, such that our drafts meet patent laws and regulations in every country.

Administrative Management Team
The Administrative Management Team monitors all information pertaining to our clients’ cases via electronic network system with great diligence. In Wood & Wu, a specific contact will be assigned for each client to respond to the client’s demand in a timely manner. Progress reports of the cases will be delivered to make IP management on our clients’ side easier. The Administrative Management Team safeguards the interests of our clients by consistently providing correct, complete, and prompt information to our clients.