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Liberty Times reporting Mr. Narvis Wu’s interview about intangible assets on August 26, 2019

  【Title】〈Finance Weekly-Intangible Asset Financing 〉Revision of Statute for Industrial Innovation, Intangible Asset Financing Keeping Developed 【Reporter】林菁樺、鄭琪芳 【Link】https://ec.ltn.com.tw/article/paper/1313338 【Excerpts】 Mr. Narvis Wu, the secretary-general of Taiwan Intellectual Property Operation Association, pointed out that, the evaluation system for the intangible assets in Taiwan just gets started, and lacks database. The current evaluation based on foreign database results in higher evaluation service fee. 【Title】〈Finance […]

APAA Conference in New Delhi , November 17-21, 2018

↓ Wood & Wu’s Ms. Janice Liaw and Mr. Narvis Wu at the registration desk ↓ Wood & Wu’s Mr. Ted Su, Ms. Janice Liaw, and Indian attorneys ↓ Wood & Wu’s Mr. Ted Su, Ms. Janice Liaw, Mr. Narvis Wu, and Russian attorneys ↓ Cultural night banquet ↓ APAA excursion to visit the Jawab […]